The solution to keeping patient data private and protecting it from being lost is backing it up. That way, it can be recovered at any time should a power failure, hardware malfunction, or natural disaster strike. UnisonBDR offers HIPAA compliant audited, unlimited online backup to prevent data loss along with resulting 10’s of thousands of dollars in penalties and interruptions in daily activities.

On-Site Versus Online Backup

Backing up servers can be cumbersome if done on-site, since the process may need specific software and hardware. It can also be expensive if it needs a dedicated IT team to complete each backup. Unlimited online backup is a more practical option for practitioners and others who are bound by HIPAA. UnisonBDR can store as much data as needed and quickly provide data recovery, including multiple versions of each file.

It Starts With a 5-Minute Phone Conversation

The software installation is simple, and part of the “Data Assessment” process that allows UnisonBDR to determine appropriate plan for the customer.

UnisonBDR knows how busy a medical practice or dental office can be. That’s why the basic backup service begins with a phone conversation, which is scheduled to fit into the practitioner’s schedule.


UnisonBDR talks to someone in the office with access to computer(s) needing a backup. The client navigates to and enters a unique 6-digit code that provides UnisonBDR with remote access. To protect client security, the code is only valid for 20 minutes, and the process must be repeated each time to grant access to the client’s systems.

Customers may stay on the phone or opt to be called back in 10 to 15 minutes. UnisonBDR downloads and installs the app and selects the appropriate files for backup before disconnecting from the client’s computer. The process is repeated for each computer that needs to be backed up.


If the connection is too slow or there is too much data to complete the backup within three to five days, UnisonBDR will send a “Seed Kit,” or encrypted external hard drive, to facilitate the process. The customer plugs the hard drive into the computer and waits for the backup to occur. The hard drive is sent back the next day so the data can be copied to UnisonBDR’s servers. This result is the same as using the remote, online process. Unlike some other companies, UnisonBDR does not charge more for this service.

The backup is monitored until completion. The sales team contacts the client.

Pro, Basic Installation

Any medical practice, dental office, or health insurance provider needs to manage a great deal of sensitive patient & business data. Losing that data would not only be a serious violation of patient trust, but also a violation of the health privacy law known as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act). HIPAA compliance requires patient data to be available to patients when they request it and for it to be protected against data theft. Failure to comply can result in painfully large fines along with reputation damage.