Get Your UnisonBDR Pamphlets

Utilize these pamphlets to target contacts within the Dental, General Business, and Medical professions more effectively. Our pamphlets are a bifold design, and will come with printing instructions. Simply request your pamphlets, print, fold and hand them off to potential clients. If you have any questions you can email us at or call us toll free 1-888-907-1227. Thank you for being a UnisonBDR partner.

Partner Benefits

Turnkey Ready Solution

We provide a complete HIPAA Compliant Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution with Tier I and II support. We backup over 200,000,000 mission critical files everyday to provide peace of mind and compliance.

Tier 1 & 2 Support

Providing your clients with UnisonBDR will keep their data safe from loss & ransomware, therefore your clients’ and your reputations will be protected. We will handle all of your clients’ support needs, as well as yours.

Passive Revenue

Our partner program is right for the big and the small guys, and it helps some of our partners generate a monthly revenue stream from their client base. All while providing your clients with a great data backup solution.

We provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.

Automated Signup

A Sales Tool Kit

Analytics Reports

UnisonBDR is an extension of your company so that you can easily build more profitable workflows.

No pre-purchase of license or seats from your company required.

Increase customer retention while building a new profit channel.

More than 100 Customers? We private-label to help you promote and grow your business.

Offer and be part of the industry leading 24 hour, no cost, Restore Guarantee