Keeping your practice 100% HIPAA compliant

HIPAA compliance is required by law. UnisonBDR is the only software that satisfies 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance. This ensures that your healthcare practice is fully protected with HIPAA and HITECH compliant requirements and all patient health and personal information is secured.

Disaster Recovery plan

UnisonBDR offers fast and efficient disaster recovery and your plan will be unique to ensure that your data is restored on time and securely.

Emergency mode operations plan

Emergencies do occur every now and again. UnisonBDR offers a fast and reliable emergency operation plan, meaning that you never need to turn away a customer in need.

Backup plan

UnisonBDR offers you a secure and safe backup plan to ensure your data is backed up to the latest version. This means no information will ever be lost.

In-Transit Encryption

Advanced encryption against data being transferred over networks to stop malicious attackers that are trying to breach security measures.

Endpoint Encryption

Enhanced encryption to ensure that the data is only available to authorized users; thus, eliminating potential breaches.

Security Safeguards

Unison includes all security safeguards including: physical, administrative and technical safeguards to keep your data safe and secure according to HIPAA regulations and rules.

Constant Evaluations and Upgrades

Unison is constantly evaluated and scanned for threats, with systems being upgraded against all the latest malicious threats to ensure secure data storage solutions.

UnisonBDR – HIPAA/HITECH Compliance built-in

The Power To Protect and Comply

As a healthcare organization, being compliant with federal regulations around the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also referred to as HIPAA is now a way of life. There are plenty of potential data security threats and breeches such as: Ransomware, worm viruses, hackers and even internal ones. Systems seem to become more and more complicated and leave you more vulnerable to breaches and HIPAA violations.

UnisonBDR is HIPAA Audited to ensure that we’re always HIPAA and HITECH compliant. We believe that your data security provider is equally responsible as you, when it comes to HIPAA Regulations. By doing this, we help mitigate the risk for our clients.

We are committed to offering high grade commercial products and infrastructure, that are used by Fortune 500 Companies, to our clients.

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