Managed backup: Fast and efficient backup at your fingertips

UnisonBDR offers unrivalled backup technologies that many software’s cannot integrate or lacks in reliability.

448 bit encryption

Since the law states that you need 126 and the norm is 256, with our 448 bit blowfish encryption, you will have the best and most secure encryption available. You will also be allowed to create your own encryption key and while this might not be recommended, it is extremely secure.

Extended authentication

With a one-time password and IP address validation, you should be able to have secure access to the backed up data, which could also help prevent possible disasters.

Flexible versioning

Most of the times, you might only need certain data restore from a specific versioning point. We allow you to choose the version and the exact location of data that you need to have restores, saving you on admin time and even some valuable extra costs.

Block level backup

Bypass the file system and read data directly from the drive with this important feature.

Managed Backup

UnisonBDR Offers Unrivalled Backup Technologies That Many To Software’s Cannot Integrate Or Lacks In Reliability.