Speedy disaster recovery

Should disaster strike, it can be quite a stressful and troublesome process to recover the data. Central Data Storages is the company behind UnisonBDR and our disaster recovery process has been designed to make it easier for you to get back the lost information.

There are 2 ways that we use to help recover the data you have lost. The remote version that allows us remote access to your computer or the normal restore kit. Both of these are effective and will aim to help you retrieve the data within 24 hours.

Remote/ Internet method

With this method, the customer calls us to inform that they need a data restoration. We will then send the client to the logmein123.com webpage where they will enter a 6-digit code provided by us and to give us access to remotely access the client’s computer. We will then install the software if needed and continue to restore the versions, files and locations that have been requested.

After those files have been restored and transferred to their correct locations, we will call the client to confirm that they have access and everything is in order before disconnecting. The client can disconnect immediately after giving us remote access and we will handle the entire restoration process.

Restore kit

The restore kit option is the more basic process and this does require us to make a copy of the client’s backup drive to an external hard drive. Should any disaster occur, the client can request this hard drive and it will be sent overnight. Next the client connects the HD or the restore kit to their computer and we will perform the same process as the internet method. Finally, the hard drive is shipped back to us, including the shipping label when the process is complete.

We will also constantly monitor the routing number and confirm with the client when the HD or the restoring kit has arrived.

Speedy disaster recovery

Having speedy disaster recovery is imperative in the medical industry and we strive to make this possible for all of our clients in the least amount of time. With UnisonBDR, you will have all of this at hand you will be able to avoid those stressful disaster situations.