Email Notification & Support Overview

Our customers receive daily email notifications regarding the state of their backup. Since we contact you if there are any issues, these daily emails serve as a comfort that the backup is being completed correctly.

The email includes:

  • Each location their backup is being stored.
  • Amount of previously selected data on their server.
  • Amount of data stored on our server after compression.
  • Total Compression percentage.
  • Number of files being backed up.
  • Backup percentage.
  • Last date our software ran on their computer.
  • Last date a backup occurred.

Below is an example from one of our customers.

UnisonBDR Email Notification

In a nutshell, it displays that we are backing up their data to both our servers and an external HD. It also shows that they’re 100% backed up and receiving a compression rate of 40%.

The customer will be notified via email and phone if we notice an issue with their backup, such as a file being unable to compress. Clients can also click “reply” to any of our generated emails and have a technician personally answer any questions.

Another benefit of the daily email is to keep the customer informed of their price plan. In the example, this customer would be considered to have 32.59 GB of data stored, since they fall under our 35 GB Plan. This is because we base our pricing on the lowest storage amount, which in this case is the OMA server. Most companies charge by rounding up the “selected” amount or the highest “stored” one. In this case, they’d land at 60 GB or 40 GB, respectively.

Often people are confused by the differences in sizes between each destination. This has to do with the fact that each backup is run independently. Over time different versions of files are stored in each location, and occasionally we restart the backup in a single location to re-compress the data. The numbers are generally close but over years they can stretch.

We also monitor disconnects on a daily basis, contacting customers immediately to ensure backup status. See what other free services we offer.

What Our Customers Say

“UnisonBDR managed online computer backup was quick, efficient, and thoroughly easy to use. It was truly as easy as a phone call and the staff was able to assist when a problem arose. I had the misfortune of having a total loss of data on my server, but the data was totally restored on my new server exactly as it had been up to the moment of the crash, no corruption or lost data. What a relief!”

‐ Dr. William DDS, Dodge Family Dentistry