Backup Technology

UnisonBDR offers backup technology in ways that most other data storage companies cannot offer, including:

  • 448-Bit Encryption – While the law only requires 126-bit encryption, our 448-bit encryption offering follows suite.
  • Data Centers – With two geographical locations in Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE, you can feel as safe as humanly possible about your data backup plan.
  • File Compression – File sizes have grown, as a single movie can be 3 or 4 GB. UnisonBDR’s backup compression, which reduces the amount of spaced used on our storage servers, saves you money.

Rapid Recovery

If you need immediate solutions that cannot wait a second more, we can help.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan – Service is the cornerstone of our safety net plan, which encompasses what steps to follow in the event of any level of a disruption.
  • Help Me Now! – Learn quickly about all the different ways that we can serve your company in the data storage area at no additional charge to our standard fees.

In-House Support

The most underrated aspect of a data storage company is in-house support. When your data goes missing, you need grade-A customer service. We’ve got you covered.

  • Email Notifications – Our customers receive daily email notifications regarding the state of their backup. Since we contact you if there are any issues, these daily emails serve as a comfort that the backup is being completed correctly.
  • Personalized Service -UnisonBDR’ specialty comes from a strong understanding of best practices for common software, like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange or other enterprise-level products and a deep knowledge base of industry-specific software.