UnisonBDR is Compatible With these Dental Practice Management Softwares.


Open Dental is a system used to organize your dental practice with a powerful modern database. Using MySQL, a very powerful, stable database running on millions of computers worldwide, you get extensive features that, until recently, were only available in databases costing tens of thousands of dollars. And since it is open source you will never be locked in to a single vendor. Using open source software is the only way out of vendor lock because anyone has the freedom to support the software, to make improvements to it, and to resell it. Plan for the future and use a database that is built on open standards, not one that is closed and proprietary.

The Henry Schein Dentrix mission has been to create software for the personal computer that empowers dental offices to do more, accomplish more, and earn more. In addition to the Dentrix® practice management software, Dentrix also provides other products and solutions designed to enhance the dental office experience, such as automated data backups, electronic claims, payment card processing, automated billing statements, website development tools, appointment reminders, voice recognition software, and more.

Dentrix Dental Systems was the first practice management system for Windows back in 1989, and was the first to be approved for Windows 98. This deep, rich experience with the Windows operating system has aided us in our efforts to make sure our software is the most compatible in the industry.

Dentrix’s early vision of a completely paperless, front deskless office is coupled today with a strong commitment to developing the tools necessary to boost productivity and improve efficiency. As the world’s leading practice management software provider, Dentrix is striving to develop products that meet the evolving needs of every dental office.

The company has made substantial investments in establishing the finest technical services in the profession, which enables Dentrix to develop the highest quality products possible. Dentrix has also invested heavily in research and development, which, too, helps the company to keep abreast of the industry’s technology curve.

Dentrix Dental Systems was founded in 1985 and acquired by Henry Schein, Inc. (nasdaq: HSIC) in 1997. Many of the original founders are still with the company.

What Our Customers Say

“UnisonBDR managed online computer backup was quick, efficient, and thoroughly easy to use. It was truly as easy as a phone call and the staff was able to assist when a problem arose. I had the misfortune of having a total loss of data on my server, but the data was totally restored on my new server exactly as it had been up to the moment of the crash, no corruption or lost data. What a relief!”

‐ Dr. William DDS, Dodge Family Dentistry