Rebranding Announcement

Dear Customers & Prospects,

Over the past decade, we have served thousands of clients by backing up and restoring over one Billion unique files, critical office and patient data. We saved millions of dollars in data recovery fees for the people we hold in high regard, our customers. We have been protecting the reputation of hardworking medical professionals and business owners across North America for an entire decade.

We have saved over 1,000 businesses from going out of business with countless ransomware restores. When all else failed these businesses counted on us and we delivered.

We are very excited to announce our re-brand to UnisonBDR. UnisonBDR is our intellectual property solely built to insure Privacy, Safety and Protection of sensitive office data.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve spent countless hours and invested our heart, passion and soul towards building a true solution for any business and our UnisonBDR software does just that.

Central Data Storage, now UnisonBDR, is proud to announce this rebrand as part of our strategic plan and we are excited for what the future has in store.

UnisonBDR, Because Customers Need Effortless Data Protection When Disaster Strikes

Thank you and we look forward to continuing being your backup and disaster recovery solution when all else fails.

Ed Conklin

Co-Founder / CEO