The History of UnisonBDR

UnisonBDR opened its doors in Lincoln, Nebraska as a specialized national company launched to provide a superior online backup and recovery solution dedicated to safeguarding the practice management data of dentists, medical practitioners and chiropractors. UnisonBDR was founded on the belief that the benefits of backup systems used by powerful Fortune 500 companies can be made available to organizations of any size. Since our inception, the UnisonBDR team has been gaining traction in the industry and has earned a reputation among medical practices as an excellent solution with energetic and knowledgeable client service.

“Backups are too important to trust to chance. We completely understand the need of securing and saving data for those in the medical profession. Based on statistics data loss is likely to occur at some point so we’re excited to be a simple solution that protects critical practice data which is ultimately the life-blood to our clients maintaining a viable business.”

Ed Conklin, President of Central Data Storage

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