We focus on security, privacy, and compliance for your practice. Protect your data. Protect your business hassle free.

Regulatory Compliance

CDS is Audit Tested for HIPAA/HITECH compliance by third party auditors.

Ransomware Protection

Protect yourself from the ever growing threats of ransomware today.

Easy Install & Recovery

We understand the value of your data and how crucial it is to minimize downtime.

24 Hour Restore

The industry’s first no cost, restore guarantee.

Get reliable and fast backup to supercharge your business:

UnisonBDR is currently entrusted with mission critical data for 1,000 of dentists and we pride ourselves on keeping this information safe and providing them with 24 hour support, should disaster ever strike. Learn how to get started now and have peace of mind for your medical practice.

Managed support 24/7:

Disasters cannot be predicted and CDS understands that you might need support at the most ridiculous of times. With 24 hour support 7 days a week, you should be comfortable at letting us know when you need to have your information restored.

  • Email notifications: CDS will constantly be monitoring the state of your backup and once we have established that anything might not be up to date, or any problem arises, you will be the first to know. We will send you daily notifications of the current state and you could have even more peace of mind.
  • Personalized service and customization: UnisonBDR offers you the opportunity to have your entire set up customized and with CDS having a deep understanding of common and more intricate software’s, you can be sure that we will be able to integrate our software on your system without disrupting the function of the current software.

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No cost recovery:

While many of our competitors might charge you an additional fee when it comes to invoking your right of recovering the lost data, we have taken the noble approach of allowing you to recover data as much as you need and to the specific versions that you require without having it cost you a penny. You will even save money if you choose the basic Restore kit method as we will cover the costs of the transport.

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Our Claim to Fame!

We have tried to outmatch and outmaneuver most of our competitors to offer you faster and cost efficient backup that will not set you back too much at the end of each month. While it is always daunting and panic is bound to set in when disaster strikes, you can now have peace of mind, knowing that we have you covered and you will never be let in the dark when it comes to restoring your valuable client details and payment data of each customer.

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Medical offices
Patient records protected
Required HIPAA controls
managed for offsite backup
Saved in violations &
managements fees

What We Do Best!

More than anything, Central Data Storage gives its customers peace of mind. Regardless of the time, we're always ready to help clients on a data backup, recovery and security end with our own industry-leading software. If you have a data problem, we're the solution -- so you don't have to deal with any data backup and recovery problems.

Backup Technology

CDS offers backup technology in ways that most other data storage companies cannot offer, including:

448-Bit Encryption

While the law only requires 126-bit encryption, our 448-bit encryption offering follows suite.

Data Centers

With two geographical locations in Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE, you can feel as safe as humanly possible about your data backup plan.

File Compression

File sizes have grown, as a single movie can be 3 or 4 GB. CDS’s backup compression, which reduces the amount of spaced used on our storage servers, saves you money.

Why our Customers love us

Dr. Joni

“I had been thinking about backing up our server off site for quite some time but it just kept being pushed to the side with my busy schedule. When our office upgraded to Digital X-ray, the Naomi Rep suggested the importance of backing up our X-ray computer off site to insure we never lost the patient data. When I saw how easy it was to get it set up I decided it was time to start backing up our server as well. Thank God we did! Two weeks after starting the back ups our server totally crashed! We lost all the data, our patient files, billing and our scheduling. Two days later after getting the hardware problem taken care of, Steve Demma came into the server remotely and totally restored everything! Absolutely Amazing! I don’t even want to consider what would have happened if we were not clients of Central Data Storage.”

Dr. William

“CDS managed online computer backup was quick, efficient, and thoroughly easy to use. It was truly as easy as a phone call and the staff was able to assist when a problem arose. I had the misfortune of having a total loss of data on my server, but the data was totally restored on my new server exactly as it had been up to the moment of the crash, no corruption or lost data. What a relief !”

Dr. Bruce

“The CDS software is simple to use and takes no time away from my staff resources. If I need a file I deleted a month ago, I can retrieve it. The in-house support staff has been tremendous. One of the best investments I’ve made for my practice.”

Dr. Samuel

“I highly recommend your backup service. As I don’t pay attention to emails as much as I should, when there was a backup failure, your staff telephoned me before I was even aware of the problem. I would be more than happy to answer any questions about the great service I have received.”

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